Our Teachers

Elliott Law

Music Production and Audio

Elliott Law, aka HAZCHEM, is an accomplished young music producer and artist from Hobart, Tasmania.

As of late 2020, Elliott has written a course on Ableton Live, which is available at The School Of Percussive Arts. He has designed the study materials with the individual student in mind. Units and homework customised to the student's preferences. Elliott hopes the course will help students get up and running asap without any extra information they don't need. He has worked with various artists for HAZFEST, including Hugo Bladel, ZIOS, and Monique Brumby.

Elliott has been producing music on Ableton Live for more than four years. His specialty is electronic music such as House, Vapor Twitch, Hybrid Trap, Pop, Melodic House, Techo, Glitch-Hop, Hip-Hop, and more.

Elliott has completed pre-tertiary music courses at Elizabeth College, such as Music 3 and UTAS Music Technology projects one, in which he received a high distinction for his work.

He has used these skills at events and venues such as Dark MOFO, MONA FOMA, FAUX MO, Footloose Dance Party, Derwent Entertainment Center, and Rosny Barn.

Tobias Hinds

Violin, Tuned Percussion, Piano

Tobias has just completed year twelve at Rosny College and is going to UTAS to study for a Bachelor of Media and Communication. He began his musical journey at the age of seven when he decided to play the violin. At the age of twelve, Tobias began learning percussion to play in the school band. Focusing on tuned percussion, he played as part of the concert bands and percussion ensemble throughout high school before going on to Rosny College, where he worked as part of the musical orchestra for 2019’s production of The Addams Family. Along the way, he has picked up a vast knowledge of both theoretical and practical skills allowing him to share his love of music with those around him. Due to working in child entertainment for a time, Tobias has gained a love of working with both children and adults alike and has a current working with vulnerable people card.